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Sunuwar Society Co-operatives

Sunuwar Society Saving & Credit Co-operative Limited (SSSCC) is a Koich community based cooperative organization, registered under the cooperative act, 2048, in District Cooperative Office, Kathmandu in 2012. SSSCC is a leading cooperative of Sunuwar-Koich community established by the enthusiastic members of Sunuwar Welfare Society. Despite the fact that Koichs are mixed up and occupied in various financial activities, SSSCC is a first institution for the koich, to the koich-land which is authorized and managed by Koich.

With due respect of international principles, values and norms of cooperative, SSSCC aims to focus on scattered Koich community all over the world to make a significance contribution to uplift economic status of Koichs. In order to make them more competitive SSSCC explores huge numbers of opportunities to its members through providing credit facilities, trainings, counseling, network building and information dissemination.


1.To move toward economic prosperity with the vision, mission and objective of Koich.
2.To boost up financial activities in community by enhancing and accumulating small and scattered capitals amongst Koich.
3.To safeguard and increase awareness against financial swindle, deceive and dilemma.
4.To transform the traditional economic pattern of Koich by promoting recent business and trade practice.
5.To uphold, develop and promote the traditional skill and knowledge of Koich.

Specific Objectives

1.To raise the behaviour of self-reliance, co-operation, economical and regular savings. To put in co-operative members’ savings to the safer and productive work.
2.To accumulate regular savings from members and to offer them competitive returns. Provide training, facilitate capacity building and professional development activities, and promote their business, trade and entrepreneurship through mobilisation of funds.
3.To build up capacity of an individual or a group of Koichs to make self sustained and self dependent society.
4.To increase and promote the investment in a cooperative way through it’s’ members by identifying primary needs and income generation capacity of an individual or a group which helps utilization of scattered national capital.
5.In order to determine the importance of cooperative, execute service oriented activities in an organisational manner which is directly related to daily life of Koich community.
6.Promote social, cultural and educational activities in the community.
7.Develop concept of self-dependence and self-confidence to inspire and motivate the members.
8.Provide essential vocational and technical trainings to enhance income generation activities of the members.
9.Facilitation and organization of any other activities that help to improve economical status of members.
10.To free the member from any kind of business swindle.
11.Organization and utilisation of widely spread capital.