Sunuwar Society Co-operatives
SN Credit Type Interest Rate Remarks    
1. Entreprenuership Loan 19.95%      
2. Business/Trade Loan 20.95%      
3. Housing Loan 20.95%      
4. Handicraft Loan 19.95%      
5. Hire-purchase Loan 20.95%      
6. Loan against Share Certificate 20.95%      
7. Loan against Preference Share 20.95%      
8. Saamuhik Jamani Karja 20.00%      
9. Loan against Fixed Deposit slip +3.00%      
10. Loan for Overseas Job 19.50%      
11. Educational Loan 17.20%      
1. Rs 500 for register/open an ordinary saving account and Rs 175 will be charged upon closing of any account.
2. Loan amount up to Rs 1,00,000 can be disbursed upon ‘Samuhik Jamaani’. Period of loan is 6 months. Period can be extend up to next 6 months upon any uncertainty to payback the loan upon advance request of borrower.
3. Payback should be made in daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending upon the nature of loan.
4. 1% & 2% of the total laon amount will be charged for monitoring/evaluation and service provided by institution.
5. Share amount up to 5% of thw total loan amount can be issued upon request of the the borrower.